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This blog is the 2nd in a series: “20 Ways to Support the Liberty Movement” by Timothy Rogers

Have you ever had a day where politics just made you so mad that you wanted to pull out your own hair?  I know I have. We have a broken system with two parties that couldn’t care less about liberties, freedom, or responsibility. It is enough to make a bald eagle and a founding father cry…at the same time.

Since I am a man that loves a list more than almost anything aside from freedom and chicken wings, I thought I’d share some tips on how you can strut your Libertarian stuff. Some of these are from and some I’ve tried myself. Check out last month’s list.

1) Wear Libertarian Themed T-Shirts
Your clothing says so much about you.   Why can’t it tell people that you are a Libertarian?   If you like stylish shirts, funny shirts, or any kind of liberty shirts, buy some and wear them for all to see.   They are conversation starters to be sure and are effective means of short form communication.  I get questioned about what is a Libertarian often while wearing the shirt.  Those conversations wouldn’t have happened without the shirt.

2) Wear your Torch of Liberty Pin
So you cannot wear funny shirts on your chest or advertise openly for the party at your job or during the day.  That is fine.  The Torch pin was made for you.   You can wear it with your suit, your regular clothes, your anything.   How excited do you get when you see another Libertarian in the wild?   This pin tells other Libertarians who we are so that we are no longer the single force at our office with weird political opinions.   We have allies and it is good to see a kindred spirit in this apathetic world.  Start wearing it on Fridays for FREEDOM FRIDAYS.   It is not a thing but it totally should be.

3) Put a Libertarian Bumper Sticker on your car
Everyone hates traffic…almost as much as we hate the Federal Reserve.   When in traffic however, I love you read bumper stickers.   They are statements of your personality reflected in that plastic Honda Civic.  This tells people that there are actually Libertarians out there and that they differ from the norm.   Put that gay rights sticker right beside your pro-gun sticker and watch the sparks fly from their brain as you destroy hard wired paradigms in their thoughts.

4)  Put a Libertarian sign in your front yard even when not election season
It is fine to be that neighbor.   Put it up for a few weeks every once in a while.   They sell them online and it is an awesome reminder that someone out there has stopped the tribal screeching long enough to form thoughts and a belief system.   It might even get a conversation started about being a libertarian.

5) Start conversations with people wearing liberty hats, or don’t tread on me, or freedom things.
My wife laughs at me because I will dart across a parking lot to talk to a gentleman or lady with a freedom symbol on their car or shirt.   I jump over tables because I think they are Libertarians and sometimes they are.   Other times they are not and still in the statist trap but the conversation is what is important.   Let them know that they have someone who agrees with their stances on freedom because if it important enough for your truck, it is important to your whole life.

After you’ve been wearing your Libertarian swag and starting conversations with others in the tribe, you’ll be ready to Join Up!

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This article is an opinion blog and is not the official positions of the South Carolina Libertarian Party OR the National Libertarian Party.

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