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This blog is the first in a Series: “20 Ways to Support the Liberty Movement” by Timothy Rogers

Despite the gridlock in Washington and corruption in our State governments, the average joe does not appear visibly frustrated. They are at most, annoyed but content. Come the next election cycle they will pull the red or blue lever and hope for something different.

Positive change will not happen that way.

But telling them these things doesn’t help. It seems they are stuck in a waking sleep.

I went to and found their “How to Get Involved” page. It was a list! Since I am a man that loves a list more than almost anything aside from freedom and chicken wings, this page called out to me like a siren’s song. I’ll be sharing it with you over a few blog posts. This one is about Social Media.

1)  Support, Comment, and Listen to Libertarian speakers on the internet
Libertarian podcast are out there and some only have 5 to 8,000 subscribers and that is a shame.   There are thousands upon thousands of us across the state and we should be pumping up those numbers.   Review them, comment when they drop a new episode, listen to them, and if you can shop with their sponsors.  Welcome to the new age, boomer.

2)  Support, Like, and Comment on Libertarian post (especially memes)
I will not scroll by a post addressing freedom without liking and sharing, especially if it is a political meme bringing up the absurdity of the two parties. Do your due diligence on the toilet at work and get to sharing.

3) Follow the Libertarian Party on Twitter & Facebook
Follow the Part and retweet and share their stuff.   It is important for internet numbers and metrics and the like.   Voters vote not on facts but on recognition.  (Sad but true)   The more exposure to the general populace that is given, the more the electorate gets to know us.

4) Comment on non-libertarian post with Libertarian ideas
Join groups that are not libertarian and inject libertarian ideas into the echo chamber.   Drop some taxation is theft and freedom for all means everyone and watch the swamp mess that is the internet rear its ugly head.    Also known as trolling to some, if not done in anger, this breaks the echo chamber mentality on the interwebs and keeps you sharp.

5) Recommend and share YouTube links often to short informative videos on liberty
People are short sighted and really only use the internet for cat videos and calling people morons with incredible speed.   So let’s use that tool for its third purpose…information.   There are many funny, excellent, and SHORT videos that sum up Libertarianism better than the mainstream media does.   Target videos towards your friends that you know care about certain issues.   Use this mass hypnosis box for deprogramming your people, bit by bit.

You may find all this social and digital activism to be tiring, but remember the Republicans and Democrats are out there working all of the channels to their advantage. We should work all of our channels, too.

Next post in the series: Be a Libertarian in the Wild!

This article is an opinion blog and is not the official positions of the South Carolina Libertarian Party OR the National Libertarian Party.


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