2024 Candidates:

Congratulations to all of our 2024 candidates. The SCLP nominating convention was held on May 4, 2024 and we have 8 partisan candidates this year. Local non-partisan races are still open to file, let us know if you want to run.

US House District 6: Michael Simpson: FACEBOOK  – X/TWITTER

SC Senate District 20: Kendal Ludden

SC House District 7: Hunter Savirino: X/TWITTER  –  INSTAGRAM


SC House District 69: Allen Broadus: DONATE  –  FACEBOOK  –  INSTAGRAM

SC House District 87: Robin Machajewski 

SC House District 111: Joseph Jernigan: DONATE  –  FACEBOOK  –   X/TWITTER  –   YOUTUBE

Horry County Council: Steve Witt


Three Kinds Of Libertarian Party Candidates

1. Choice Candidate

Too many elections in South Carolina are uncontested elections. Too many contested elections only have duopoly candidates as a choice. Being a Choice Candidate gives voters in your race a new option besides the Tiresome Two. It gives them the option to vote Libertarian! If running an active campaign for office is not right for you, consider running as a Choice Candidate!


2. Change Candidate

In addition to providing another choice on the ballot, our Change Candidates will be trying to change the hearts and minds of the voters to earn their votes! Earning votes takes time and effort, especially from someone who has never voted Libertarian.  A Change Candidate will make an impact on the election and help grow the Libertarian Party. If you are ready to put yourself out to the public to change hearts and minds, consider running as a Change Candidate!

3. Challenge Candidate

Are you ready to go all-in on a run for public office? That makes you one of our Challenge Candidates! Our Challenge Candidates will seriously challenge their opponents and work to win the election. If you are ready to go all in, challenge your opponents, recruit volunteers and donors, grow the Libertarian Party, and win a partisan race, then run as a Challenge Candidate!

If you would like more information on being a candidate please fill out the interest form at my.lp.org/run-for-office

If you would like to help on a campaign please fill out this form and we will be in touch.


Did you know you can donate directly to the SCLP Candidate Support committee? This will help us support and recruit candidates. Last cycle 72 out of 124 state reps were running unopposed. Our goal is to have a Libertarian running in every unopposed race. Your donation will help us find candidates to fight against the ever expanding state.

$50 will cover the cost of 75 door hangers
$100 will cover the cost of 1000 rack cards
$200 will cover the cost of a start outreach box for one candidate.

We’re all in the fight for liberty together, and only together can we succeed!



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