Unleash your potential and make a meaningful impact! Committees are actively seeking passionate individuals like you to join their dynamic teams. Dive into exciting projects, share your expertise, and contribute to positive change. Take the first step toward making a difference – email a committee today and embark on a journey of collaboration, innovation, and community involvement. Your unique skills and perspectives are the key to shaping a brighter future. Seize the opportunity to get involved and be the change you want to see!

Committee Chairs can submit their monthly reports HERE.

Activism Committee – Chair: Matt Baxley – activism@sclp.org

Campaigns Committee – Chair: Melissa Couture – campaigns@sclp.org

Communications Committee – Chair: Kasie Whitener – communications@sclp.org

Convention Committee – Chair: Kelsey Lyon – convention@sclp.org

Credentials Committee – Chair: Jeff Laitinen – credentials@sclp.org

Events Committee – Chair: Matt Baxley – eventscommittee@sclp.org

Finance and Fundraising Committee – Chair: Jeff Laitinen – finance@sclp.org

IT Committee – Chair: Casey Crowe – itcommittee@sclp.org

Legislative Affairs Committee – Chair: Steve Hoffman – legislativeaffairs@sclp.org

Membership Committee – Chair: Steve Dasbach – membership-committee@sclp.org

Platform Committee – Chair: Kasie Whitener – platform@sclp.org

Rules Committee – Chair: Kasie Whitener – rules@sclp.org

Social Media Committee – Casey Crowe – socialmedia@sclp.org

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