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This is the third blog in a series: “20 Ways to Support the Liberty Movement” by Timothy Rogers

Too many of our neighbors are in a walking sleep, lulled into compliance by the two major parties. Sometimes I feel like I cannot fight “the Matrix” that has so many unconcerned for the death of liberty. Last month we told you how to support the cause of Liberty with your swag.

Like all bloggers, I love a list. The list on LP.org once called to me like a Siren’s Song. So, I took some of these from there. But many are my own additions over the past year that I have thought of.  I hope you enjoy.

1) Join the National Libertarian Party.
For a paltry $25 a year, you can support the national Libertarian party.   It cost money to be taken seriously and libertarians are doing things volunteer or on a shoestring budget.   You might not agree with all the things the national party does, but we are libertarians….we don’t agree on anything.   Only 15,000 paying national party members is an insanely low number.   Let’s be proud and make our party something to be proud of.

2) Donate to the SC Libertarian Party.
You can donate a little as $5 or 10 a month to help the SCLP out.   We waste $5 every day on something silly.   Why won’t we invest that into making our state party stronger to keep up with our competition?

3) Donate to Libertarian Candidates
When the time comes and election season rolls around, check and see if any local/state elections feature ANY Libertarian candidates.   If they are, then donate monthly till their campaign comes to an end.   If not, donate to a LP candidate for President.   If you can do both, do it even if only in small increments.   Candidates need money to get the word out and we need candidates on every stage to show the voters that they have another option.

4) Join up with your County Party
If your county is organized and active, contact the chair and start today.   Most counties only have a few active volunteers and are looking for a new set of hands or eyes.   Taking one evening a month to dedicate to freedom isn’t much of a sacrifice.  Our ancestors gave up much more.

5) Take a firearm class and purchase a gun…or two…or ten.   Take away the fear of guns with training and with exposure.
Take classes for guns so you know what to do. Show your kids about training and let them see you with guns.  Carry a gun on you whenever you can. The more people see them, the more likely that they are to realize that you are not a crazy, but you could stop a crazy. Your 2nd amendment right is so important to this freedom thing so flex it as hard as you can.

After you’ve joined the party, organized with your County, and overcome your reluctance with firearms, you’ll be ready to Take Action!

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This article is an opinion blog and is not the official positions of the South Carolina Libertarian Party OR the National Libertarian Party.

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