The South Carolina Libertarian Party organizes at the county level per SC Code of Laws, Title 7, Chapter 9, Sections 7-9-70 and 7-9-80.

The process for organizing at the county level, given by the laws cited above, is detailed in Rule 5, Section 3, of the Rules of the South Carolina Libertarian Party and is outlined here for your convenience:

  1. Existing county chair (if any) calls the convention to order.
  2. Those present elect:
    1. A temporary convention president, to preside over the first portion of the meeting,
    2. A temporary convention secretary, who takes minutes, and
    3. A credentials committee (which can be the the temporary president and secretary if desired).
  3. The credentials committee verifies both the voter registration and party membership of those present to be delegates.
  4. Those delegates whose credentials have been verified then elect a permanent convention president and permanent convention secretary for the remainder of the meeting. These usually are, but don’t have to be, the same as the temporary president and secretary.
  5. The convention then elects the county committee: first the chair, then the vice chair, then the state committee representative. Then any other persons it desires to have on the county committee. This can be as simple as electing all members present, provided that all are party members and registered voters of the county.
  6. The convention then elects delegates to the State Convention. This can also be as simple as electing all members present, again provided that all are party members and registered voters of the county.
  7. At this time, the convention may, if it wishes, adopt a local platform and rules, provided that these do not conflict with the SCLP or National LP platform or rules. Local platforms and rules are not common, but they have been done from time to time in some counties.
  8. Once all business is concluded, the convention should be recessed, to be recalled in the event nominations for local offices are required.  Be sure that the minutes state that the convention was recessed and not adjourned!

Once the convention is over, the first meeting of the county committee begins. The newly elected county committee chair calls the committee meeting to order, and the committee’s only business at this time is to elect a county secretary, who may or may not be the convention secretary, and to determine a time for regular meetings.

Note that the process above is mandated by SC State Law; any inanity therein is the fault of the State, not the SCLP.

Each person who is a delegate or elected officer must then go to the following form and fill it out with their information. Be sure to have your voter ID number handy: If you fill out the online form, you do not have to fill out the paperwork below. The paperwork will be generated and the Secretary will email you your copies.

The following paperwork only needs to be completed if you don’t use the above online form, usually by the secretary. Be careful to follow all the instructions included in each document. Also submit a copy of the convention minutes to the secretary of the State Party.

Form Why is this important?
Officer Elections This is how SC knows you’re organized. Without this form, you aren’t legally organized, and your candidates can lose on a technicality.
State Convention Delegates This is how we know who needs information about the State Convention. Must be party member, registered voter, and county resident.
County Committee Members This is how we know who else is on your committee. It’s mostly just for your county’s own records, and only necessary if you have more than just officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, etc).
SCLP Membership Pledge (or paper form) This a way to become a member of the party. All national members are automatically SCLP members, but there is a delay between joining the national party and that information appearing in our database. This allows people to join and participate on short notice (e.g. the day of the county convention). Note:  A “yes” response to “I certify that I oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goalsis required to become a member and vote.
Minutes (example) This is how you prove in court that you followed proper procedure. Without this, your candidates can lose on a technicality. Keep a copy of these in your local records and also give the secretary of the State Party a copy to keep with the state records.

Bring completed forms to the next state committee meeting or email them to and/or

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