As we are fresh off the virtual convention to nominate the LP’s POTUS and VPOTUS ticket for the 2020 election cycle. The JoCo Express, Jo Jorgenson and Spike Cohen, is fired up and ready to lead the LP into a new era. The excitement is blazing with record donations and record social media present within days of the nomination.

19.5% 19.8% 29.9% 2.2% 28.6%
Voted Trump Voted Clinton Didn’t Vote Voted Other Ineligible to Vote

This information is taken from a pie chart that was originally in the Washington Post. This is about the 2016 Presidential election and the data comes from the U.S. Election Project, Dave Wasserman, Census Bureau. The pie chart was titled How Americans Participated in the election.

All this new excitement has led me to the above pie chart about the 2016 election. I found it interesting that less than 20% of the population is what elected Trump and then another less than 20% voted for Clinton. The 28.6% that are ineligible to vote represents convicted felons (many of which are likely drug convictions). Just one of the reasons the Republicans and Democrats will not end the War on Drugs. The fewer people that can vote, the better for the political machine. Disenfranchisement is one of many reasons that the War on Drugs should stop immediately. 

The political machine could not get 40% of the population to vote for either of their candidates. Clearly Americans are fed up with the current government.

The most important piece of this pie is the Didn’t Vote portion at 29.9%. This category is people who either don’t ever vote or people who believe that these are the only two options, and they do not like either. These are the voters with whom our message will resonate. We must make them feel the excitement of The JoCo Express. Let’s help them see the differences between the LP and the Democrats and Republicans. Tell them we want to end the overreach of the government and the erosion of our rights and liberties. 

After getting that 30% on The JoCo Express, then we address the fringe of both Republicans and Democrats. We start by getting the small government Republicans excited about less regulation, taxes, and muddling. Next we should meet with the Bernie supporters who are fed up with the backroom decision making and shenanigans the DNC has pulled the last two election seasons. We can also connect with those former Bernie supporters who feel Bernie is a sell out and not one of them. With a message of liberty, we invite the African Americans who know they are black enough not to vote for The Overseer Joe Biden. 

Our best allies are the ever-increasing swath of voters who realize that neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump should be in White House. Period.

We will show that the LP is truly the Big Tent party. We will support and protect all the various sections of the community: bring us your LGBTQ, African-American, Latino, immigrant, incarcerated, blue collar, white collar, student-loan-debt-ridden, parents, non-parents, new voters, old voters, disenfranchised and disillusioned. We offer freedom and representation for them all. November 3, 2020 will usher in a new era for the Libertarian Party and for the nation we love and serve.

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