South Carolina is the Ticket!

screenshot of Jo and Spike on Zoom

The LP held its convention online via Zoom, live streamed on YouTube. Photo credit.

With a chance to make history, South Carolina has filled both seats on the Libertarian Party’s Presidential ticket. Dr. Jo Jorgensen, of Greenville, and Spike Cohen, of Myrtle Beach, are the Libertarian Party’s nominations for President and Vice President, respectively.

There is no law forbidding candidates on the same ticket residing in the same state. However, should the race be close, the Electoral College may be challenged by two S.C. residents. Article II of the U.S. Constitution states, “The electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for two persons, of whom one at least shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves.” The last time such a conflict existed was in 2000, when Presidential Candidate George W. Bush selected fellow Texas resident Dick Cheney to be his Vice President. Cheney moved to Wyoming before the election to prevent the possible conflict. (More here.)

Jorgensen and Cohen were selected over Memorial Day weekend in an historic National Convention held entirely online.

The Libertarian Party always intended to hold its Convention over Memorial Day weekend. Originally scheduled to take place in Austin, TX, the convention was moved online in order to conduct the convention as safely as possible during the pandemic. This was the first time in history a political party used digital technology for a national convention.

The event convened over 900 participants from every state in the nation, demonstrating the Libertarian principle of decentralization as the most effective means of governance.

The Convention was gaveled in via Zoom on Friday with the approval of the agenda as the primary order of business. The limited agenda included only two items: (1) nominate the presidential candidate, (2) nominate the vice presidential candidate. After approval, the convention recessed until Saturday morning.

Saturday opened at 10 a.m. EDT with all delegates joining the event via Zoom. After four rounds of voting, the presidential candidate was decided. Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a Greenville native and lecturer in psychology at Clemson. The convention recessed overnight Saturday, issuing tokens for the Vice Presidential ballot.

Sunday morning, the Convention reconvened at 10 a.m. with many defeated Presidential nominees added to the ballot for Vice President. After three rounds of voting, Spike Cohen, a business owner and media strategist, was chosen as Dr. Jorgensen’s running mate.

“We are thrilled both candidates are from South Carolina,” said Sean R. Thornton, State Committee Chairperson for the South Carolina Libertarian Party. “We cannot wait to begin campaigning for two highly qualified, motivated individuals. They will make our state proud!”

The Convention adjourned at 6:15 EDT with agreement to reconvene in Orlando, FL on July 9, 2020 to conduct the remainder of the Convention business in person.

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