Actions Speak Louder than Words

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This is the 4th blog in a series: “20 Ways to Support the Liberty Movement” by Timothy Rogers

Being politically active requires commitment. Democracy requires participation and while the two big parties are soothing voters into apathy, our party is surging with the passionate participation of citizens like you. Citizens tired of watching career politicians trample all over our rights.

When I get particularly discouraged, I revisit the list. (Yes, I love a good list). This list tells me how to spread Liberty in my town, county, state, and country. It starts with the digital space (LINK) and the physical space (LINK). It requires resources (LINK) and participation.

Here are three ways to get Active:

1) Volunteer for a Libertarian’s Campaign
Campaigns are big time steps for us thinkers to engage in.  It forces us to put skin in the game but this game is too serious to not play in.  Think local if you can and if not, aim presidential.   Call or message the campaign to get started.

2) Start a Liberty Book Club
Let’s just get this out of the way. Libertarians are NERDS…. There… I said it. It’s true. We care about history, deal with abstract issues, will play devil’s advocate when needed, and will argue with a sign post. We read and think so much more than the other parties because exposure to ideas isn’t scary to us. We welcome new thoughts because we might change our mind, something simple folks cannot understand because that means they were wrong to begin with.   Since Libertarians read quite a bit, start a book club. It helps the sale of libertarian books and makes us smarter and more prepared from the thought battles ahead.   It also creates a bond between us in liberty that will be necessary in the future for the party.

3) Be a Builder
If you are joining the Dems or Republicans, their systems are already in place. They have locked in populations automatically voting based on the news that they cultivate to garner the reaction that they want. Joining that machine is easy and their machines work well. The Libertarian Party hasn’t got the infrastructure that the others do.  That could be frustrating, but it also is an opportunity. You can build something. The Founding Fathers didn’t wait until they had an army. They picked a fight that looked hopeless and doggedly stuck to their principles. Be a self-starter. Start something and be the Libertarian that you needed years before to show you that you have another choice.  Start a meetup, organize a county, be prescient chair even if you are the only one.

If you’re building the Libertarian contingent in your immediate vicinity, you may need resources. Revisit this blog about joining the party and teaming up with the State Committee for support. Once you’re organized, you’ll have the chance to do something no other political party does: Show compassion and reason.

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This article is an opinion blog and is not the official positions of the South Carolina Libertarian Party OR the National Libertarian Party.

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