We Should Tell the Truth

In the last two weeks we have seen shameful spectacles of political theatre. Outright lies told by the two old parties. Demonization of their opposition. Disregard for their own culpability. It’s as if all the people who took the stage woke up yesterday and decided to believe whatever was on the teleprompter.

As a writer, I’m ashamed of whomever wrote the words on the teleprompter. Theatre or not, lies do not advance political discourse. They paralyze it.

We should tell the truth. We should admit that we were swindled by the Republicans and Democrats. That we’ve been repeatedly swindled for decades. That we believed they would lead us. Help us. Protect us.

And they didn’t.

We should admit we put our faith in false gods. That we forgot how the system is supposed to work and let them manipulate it to their own ends. We should admit that we got busy trying to survive in our own lives and we let them erode our rights and take for themselves again and again and again.

We should admit we didn’t run. We didn’t vote. We didn’t participate. And we let them get away with it.

And after we tell the truth about how we’re living in the world we created: the racist, unjust, oppressive oligarchy we created; after we tell the truth, we should do something about it.

The hardest part of being a Libertarian is answering the question, “What will the Libertarians do for me?” And really, every inquiry into policy, no matter who it comes from, is asking, “What will your candidate do for me?”

The answer, always, is “Nothing.”

We do not plan to do anything for you. We plan to get government out of the way so you can do for yourself. And that, to any lazy, entitled, brainwashed duopoly voter, is scary. I know, most voters don’t think of themselves as lazy, entitled, or brainwashed. So here’s a quick test:

  • Have you taken action in your community in the last four years?
  • Have you spoken about policy or shared ideas anywhere other than Facebook in the last four years?
  • What do you most want the government to do for you? Could you possibly do that for yourself?
  • Why do you vote for the party you support?

Libertarians have faith that when people are entrusted with liberty – when they are free to make choices for themselves, their families, and their communities – that they will do so in love and cooperation. But when government takes that choice away, when government requires our participation in things we do not support or benefit from, we grow embittered. Entitled. Discordant. Divided.

And we should tell the truth about this part specifically: The Republicans and Democrats brought us here. They led us to discord. To division. They want us this way. They want us to concede our own responsibilities. They want us to surrender our own resources. They want to tell us what to do. And we let them. It’s easier.

Tell the truth. We are living with the government we deserve.

But we don’t have to be. Don’t just vote in November. Vote gold.

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