Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

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This is the final blog in the series: “20 Ways to Support the Liberty Movement” by Timothy Rogers

So much good can come from simple political discourse. It’s a wonder we’re warned away from discussing politics with strangers. Then again, many people don’t know how to have a reasonable discussion, sharing ideas, and learning from one another.

Liberty grows when we exercise it. Here’s the final list in our series. Ways to support Liberty include talking about it.

1) Encourage the disenfranchised voter to protest vote with a third party vote.  Silence is agreement in politics.
When I first joined the Libertarian Party, I was told that they old timers tend to want to recruit republicans and the younger folks try to sway democrats.   All of that is fine and I will not fault anyone their strategy.    However, those folks are married to their party and defend it.   So I like to talk to the disenfranchised voter, the non-voter who feels helpless, and the people who have given up on politics.   I argue that a vote for us is a protest vote against an establishment that wishes we would just get back in line and believe their drivel again.   So regardless of your strategy, encourage voter protest and talk to all.  Just discuss.

2) Be patient and never insult.   Your path to liberty took years.   So will theirs.
This is the hardest because we think we have it figured out so we should just tell everyone the answer to the puzzle and they will like us.   Then we are shocked when they call us names and think we are crazy.   Everyone who hasn’t woken up yet will think we are crazy just like I thought Libertarians were messed up before someone talked to me for over a year and made me realize that I was wrong.   He didn’t yell.   He just asked me questions and waited for me to figure out that neither team had an answer.   My path to being a Liberty Solider took years and theirs will to.   So yelling at the world and calling people statist might feel good but it certainly won’t convince anyone.   Let’s wake them up incrementally with great messaging and thoughtful questions and more importantly…time.

3) Vote for Libertarians when you have the chance.
Not all politicians are smart but they can all count.   Both of the major parties enrollments are shrinking.   Independents are growing.   Vote Libertarian as much as you can and show them that the things we care about cannot be ignored.   It makes the other parties notice when they start losing based on our issues when they do not run a liberty candidate.

If there isn’t a Libertarian Party candidate, consider becoming one. Sometimes we have to be the change we want to see in the world.

This article is an opinion blog and is not the official positions of the South Carolina Libertarian Party OR the National Libertarian Party.

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