Radio Takeover Event This Week

radio microphone and soundboard

“You’re live on the air with Kasie and Casey. Caller, what’s your name?”

Monday afternoon, April 11th, Richland and Lexington County chairs Kasie Whitener and Casey Crowe will take over Keven Cohen’s Afternoon Drive radio show on Make the Point Radio at 100.7 FM locally and

For two hours, Kasie and Casey will talk liberty and take calls answering questions and debating ideas with the loyal listeners of Keven Cohen’s radio universe. The show airs from 4 to 6 p.m.

Kasie Whitener is a frequent radio personality, her own show, Write On SC, airs every Saturday on the station. She’ll sub for Kev on the Morning Drive as well, taking the mic Wednesday from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m.

“I love being on the radio,” she enthused during last Monday’s test run, “but we don’t take calls on Saturday. So this will be a treat!”

The Afternoon Drive is a special audience. It’s the time of day Keven Cohen reserves for local political talk. Focused on City, County, and State issues, the Afternoon Drive is meant to create a public discourse to ask questions, voice opinions, and debate policy.

With Kasie and Casey at the helm not just Monday, but Thursday and Friday as well, the Afternoon Drive may have a different vibe. Expect the two to discuss Libertarian ideas like the Non-Aggression Principle, the requirement of trust in liberty, and with Friday being tax day, the Taxation is Theft mantra so many Libertarians espouse. 

As the Richland and Lexington County chairs, Kasie and Casey will also have takes on the local governance issues facing our region. And, of course, they’ll take your calls on the Groucho’s Deli phone line at 803-799-TALK.

Submit your questions ahead of time by visiting the Midlands Libertarians Facebook page or emailing

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