Policing for Profit – A Libertarian View of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture—a practice in which police confiscate money and other property from persons merely suspected of crimes—is regularly abused all across the country, routinely harming innocent individuals and depriving them of the very resources they need to prove their innocence and win their property back. It’s quite a perversion for a nation whose legal system was founded on due process and the maxim “innocent until proven guilty”, yet despite some states making moves to curtail this practice, which enriches local police at the expense of unprosecuted—and therefore innocent—citizens, South Carolina has still not taken any measures to rein in the abuse rampant in our own state. However, a bill introduced in the legislature this term, but which as yet has received no attention, might be the solution to this problem. In a new white paper, Laird Minor, Greenville County’s representative to the South Carolina Libertarian Party, discusses civil asset forfeiture, its history, intent, and deep flaws, and how it can be reformed to ensure that law enforcement needs are served without violating the rights of innocent people. To read this brief but excellent analysis, follow the link below.

Civil Asset Forfeitures in South Carolina

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