Judicial Selection Process Practically Begs for Corruption

The process for selecting judges in South Carolina is the best possible approach—if you’re a powerful legislator prone to corruption, that is. Our state’s legislators—three in particular—wield far too much power over the judicial system, predisposing it to all manner of conflict of interest, miscarriage of justice, favoritism, cronyism, and all to their own benefit at the expense of the people they claim to represent. In a new white paper, Laird Minor, Greenville County’s representative to the South Carolina Libertarian Party, discusses these flaws, analyzes other judicial selection processes used throughout the country, and proposes a solution that would severely curb the legislature’s ability to use our state’s judicial system to their own advantage, thus returning accountability to the very people the judicial system is supposed to protect. Follow the link to the paper below.

White Paper on Judicial Selection in South Carolina

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