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We’re within a week of the midterm election (November 8th) and there are a number of ways you can help the South Carolina Libertarian Party make progress. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and go to work for the final push to election day. Your engagement is necessary to see the message of liberty play out on election day, November 8th. Here’s what you can do:

Social Media

Like, retweet, share, and comment. Our social media game is strong in the SCLP and you can access the state page and all county pages on Facebook to Like, Share, Comment, and re-post the issue-based memes and candidate campaign graphics we’re putting out there. The SCLP Twitter is @SCLP_Official and our statewide campaign is and @Reeves4SC on all social platforms.

Attend Government Meetings

One of the ways to constrain government is to demand transparency. We do that by showing up. Find out when your city council, county council, or committees meet. Put those meetings on your schedule and attend whenever you can. The order of business is usually published so you can see the issues facing these governing parties. For example, a recent meeting of the ad hoc committee on short-term rentals in Columbia drew dozens of people to City Council chambers.  Many of those in attendance weighed in on the various examples of benefits and risks to short term rental ordinances. SCLP members don’t have to speak; just witness your neighbors participating in governance.

Donate or Fundraise

Political parties need funds to operate. A monthly donation, even in a small amount ($5, $10) could mean hundreds of dollars by the time we get to another presidential election. The operations of the party including IT expenses and filing fees can be covered by dedicated member donations all year long. Targeted fundraising efforts help us fund signage, literature, and events.

Attend Community Events

We have an event coordinator volunteer! Matt Baxley, York County Chair, has taken on the role of maintaining a state party calendar where we’ll post events we plan to attend. The SCLP shows up to events in three ways: 1) attend to meet and greet and pass out stickers and share the message of liberty, 2) table as sponsors or vendors with a tent or booth and distribute literature and collect sign-ups, 3) host to build a liberty community and recruit party members. If your county has an event you think the SCLP should attend, submit it for calendar inclusion. If you’re planning to attend an event and would like to do so as an SCLP representative, let us know and we’ll get you some stickers and handouts.

Volunteer for a Campaign

Campaigns need volunteers for a variety of tasks: building or perpetuating social media, fundraising, phone banking and text banking, event attendance and canvassing, sign waving and sign distribution. Campaigns have a spectrum of engagement available for whatever fits your schedule and your particular capabilities.

Following our state committee meeting on Saturday at Beef O’Brady’s on Hardscrabble Road in Columbia, we’ll be doing some sign waving on a nearby overpass. Join us!


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