Dan Behrman

Note:  This is the second in a series of six profiles of each candidate that participated in the South Carolina Libertarian Party Presidential Debate on November 2nd. 

Dan Behrman was born on April 24, 1981; most of his life he has been self-employed as a Software and IT engineer.  Through this occupation he has worked for many Fortune 500 companies and helped many non-profits such as the Sea Save Foundation and Students for Liberty Uganda.  He has also helped the Libertarian Party and many candidates with resources and training.  He is an international speaker, having spoken on six continents.  In 2014, he ran for the 125th District of the Texas House of Representatives.  He also does video producing and editing along with a podcast.  He has a Facebook page and a YouTube Channel, he is on Twitter and Instagram, and he has a blog too.  You have many options to learn more about Dan Behrman before the November 2nd debate.

You can always check out his website at any time to find out what he is up to…



  1. What do you like to do in your spare time when you are not spreading the cause of Liberty?
    1. I love my work and I use most of my spare time for that.  Running for president IS what I do in my spare time.
  2. What would you do on your first day as the POTUS?
    1. On my first day in office, a lot of people would be pardoned including non-violent drug offenders, tax offenders, bitcoin offender and whistle blowers.  The IRS, DEA, ATF and many other agencies as well as some prosecutors will be issued executive orders to cease some or all of their activities until further notice.
  3. What sports do you like to follow or participate in?
    1. I’m not a big sportsball fan, I usually only go to the events to spend time with friends.
  4. What brought you to the LP?  When?
    1. I traveled the scenic route to get to the LP, learning from tax protesters like Irwin Schiff and Joe Banister, then Ron Paul.  Eventually I serendipitously found the LP when looking for a toastmasters group.
  5. What is the biggest challenge facing the federal government currently?
    1. There are so many problems with the federal government, but the biggest problem is with the people. They are willing to believe that politicians can get them what they want by taking the property or rights of other people.  Before we can fix government, we have to fix the people.
  6. Who is your favorite singer and what is your favorite song?
    1. I can’t say I have a favorite musician, it really depends on my mood.  Some of my favorites are Bob Marley, Muse, Sublime, The Prodigy, Rage Against the Machine and Matisyahu, but most of the time I’m happy with some lesser known DJs playing a variety of electronic music.
  7. What have you personally done to spread Liberty?
    1. To spread liberty, I have created several social media channels to provide meaningful content that has reached millions.  A lot of this effort has been put into researching what kind of messages resonate with different groups of people, and how to best convey this message so that everyone can get it – even those who are typically on the opposite end of the political spectrum.
  8. What is your favorite vacation spot?  Why?
    1. I can’t say I’ve got a favorite vacation spot, I just love traveling.  Any time I go on vacation, I want to go somewhere new.
  9. What is our most important right?
    1. I think our most important right is the freedom of speech.  Ultimately, we can’t protect our freedoms if all of humanity wants to take it away, but speech is a powerful tool in awakening people to choose the side of liberty and to recognize and protect the other rights.
  10. Who are the four people, living or dead, you would invite over for dinner?  Why?
    1. If I could invite four people to dinner, I would include Judge Napolitano to get his legal opinion on the corporate state and artificial jurisdiction through assumed premises, Lysander Spooner because he’s got some really awesome perspectives on the philosophy of the state, Bernie Sanders because this might be the only way to get him to debate me, and Ron Paul, so we can do a selfie video saying “TAXATION IS THEFT!”
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