1. What is the office you are seeking? A.) Charleston County Council, district 7
  2. What bought you into the Liberty movement? A.) My wife Alex. She started questioning the death penalty and then the drug war and then the GOP as a whole, and then when she found the Libertarian Party, she started to work getting me to ask the same questions and find the same answers also.
  3. What is your favorite movie? A.) It’s a tie between The Royal Tenenbaums and Dude, Where’s My Car?
  4. What are your top 3 priorities once you are elected?
    A.) Eliminate local sales taxes, starting with that on unprepared food
    B.) Demunicipalize local services, starting with waste collection
    C.) Replace zoning regulations with deed restrictions
  5. In what ways would you bring more liberty and freedom for your constituents? A.) I would do whatever I could to reduce taxes and the government “services” provided by those taxes. This would leave each constituent with more of their own money to spend however they like and more freedom of choice in what services they want and where to get them.
  6. What is your favorite quote? A.) So many but one that always comes quickly to mind is from Thoreau: “Government never of itself furthered any enterprise, but by the alacrity with which it got out of its way.”
  7. What is the biggest road block to Liberty in office you are seeking? How would you make that road block smaller? A.) The police department as currently constituted is definitely the largest local impediment to a libertarian experience for everyone. Everyone is equal and free on paper, but in practice minority individuals just don’t experience that liberty in their daily lives, and harsh, unequal policing is largely to blame. The solution to this is to rethink the way policing works: Rather than enforcing a laundry list of arbitrary rules against everyone, it should be dedicated only to its ostensible purpose of rights defense only. This can only be accomplished by eliminating the government monopoly on policing and instead encouraging development of multiple independent defense service providers from which each person can choose the one that most fits their needs. There are a lot more details on this on my website, libertychs.com.
  8. You are having a dinner party, who are the four famous people, living or dead, do you invite? Why? A.) Jesus would definitely be at the top of my list. I am a Christian but am concerned that Christianity has generally run off the rails. I believe that must all be part of the plan, though, and would be quite reassured to hear that straight from Him. I would also be curious to know how close to or far from the mark I am personally. Leo Tolstoy, who seems like a kindred spirit—disaffected Christian, pacifist, libertarian; I have learned so much from him but think I could answer some of the questions he still had. Albert Jay Nock, for about the same reasons as Tolstoy; even if we didn’t talk politics, discussion would no doubt be lively and amusing. And, of course, my aforementioned wife Alex, who will eventually be a famous president or senator.
  9. What have you personally done to spread Liberty? A.) During my time as secretary of the SCLP I worked with my wife Alex to host meet-and-greets in counties with no Libertarian Party presence. We called these “Liberty on the Road”, a name which was suggested to us for its similarity to “Liberty on the Rocks”, the name of similar meetings we hold locally.
  10. What is your favorite vacation spot or place you want to visit? A.) My favorite vacation spot is anywhere I haven’t been yet. I have 8 more states, 4 more continents, and 2 more oceans I’d like to visit.
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