You may make a one time donation to the SC Libertarian Party through the following link:

or by becoming a member of the

Gadsden Society

Don't Tread On Me

"Individually the rattlesnake's rattles produce no sound, but united
they can be heard by all; and while it does not attack unless
provoked, it can be deadly to step on one."

The Gadsden Society funds those activities of the SC Libertarian Party that assure our "rattles" for Liberty can be heard by all.
  • Membership Outreach
  • County Organizing
  • Candidate Support
  • Educational Seminars
  • Membership

Members of the Gadsden Society are those that contribute a minimum of $300 annually to the South Carolina Libertarian Party. The contribution can be divided into payments.

All Contributions to the Gadsden Society goes into a Non-Federal Funds Account.

Membership Benefits

As a member, you will receive a Gadsden Flag lapel pin and your choice of one of the following Thank You gifts:
  • A 3'x5' Polyester Gadsden Flag
  • A Gadsden Flag License Tag
  • A Gadsden Flag Baseball Cap

Also, you will be honored at our State Convention.

You may also find out more about the history of the Gadsden Flag by clicking here.

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